Noise in Communities & Natural Areas, a Free Public Outreach Workshop

Held in conjunction with Noise Con and Wind Turbine Noise Conference to be held at the Denver Mariott City Center in Denver, Colorado.

Join us as we continue the nationwide conversation to improve noise management for your health, your children’s education, your experience in our parks and open spaces, and to protect our wilderness and wildlife while we integrate technology, different types of recreation, and energy development. Your community and local leaders want to hear your voice. Listen to leading experts share research on how noise affects us all. Space is limited. Please register here.

NPS works with INCE, ARC, and NAE and other acoustical research institutions to identify best practices and technologies for preventing and mitigating impacts to park resources and visitor experience from excessive noise. NPS does not endorse or promote any product, conference, foundation, or organization by their involvement in this Public Outreach Workshop.



Listen to our announcement on KUVO, RMPBS, KBCO, KUNC, and KRCC .